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Hair Loss DHT Blocker

There’s nothing funny about losing your hair. There is nothing more difficult to deal with grooming related than losing your hair. The younger you are when it starts, the tougher it is emotionally. But the truth is that it’s very inconvenient to say the least at any stage of your life.

This article is going to discuss straight to the point products and a very effective hair loss treatment. It’s like an anti-aging solution for your hair!

Before talking about the product, how it is, how it works and what we can expect, let’s briefly review male pattern baldness biology problem. Androgenic Alopecia, also known as male pattern baldness, is due to the negative effects of DHT. DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is testosterone in your body. Enzymes are going to work on it, manipulate it a little bit, and convert it into DHT. Then, DHT goes to your hair follicle and actually attaches the androgen receptor. Over time, your hair follicle becomes thinner, smaller, and eventually falling out. Once that hair follicle dies from being chocked off by DHT, you are bald! So, the key to fighting male pattern baldness is preventing your body from actually changing testosterone to DHT.

The most common treatment for stopping DHT conversion is a drug called Propecia. Propecia is an effective treatment. It stops DHT. The downside is that in some cases, there might be some sexual related side effects. Not to mention the price tag. It costs around $250 for three-month supply. Not cheap!

Rogaine on the other hand is another popular hair loss treatment that doesn’t do anything to stop DHT. What it does, however, goes into those fine little miniature hair because DHT is squeezing it all, making it thin, fragile and brittle. Rogaine goes in and actually stimulates that hair follicle. Eventually, that hair follicle grows thicker. But, DHT is still causing your hair follicle troubles.

We could also forget to mention the laser comb. In fact, do we really need to talk about it? Just for the sake of completeness then, because it doesn’t do much, to be honest.

Among all the products you can find, Nizoral Shampoo stands out from the crowd. Initially developed as a dandruff, psoriasis and Seborroheic Dermatitis treatment, it has been an effective solution to stopping DHT. It isn’t a miracle cure for hair loss. It is, however, a great and proven hair loss treatment option. It smells pleasantly good, doesn’t feel greasy and there is no build-up. All you need to do is applying it on wet hair three to five times a week or as directed by your healthcare provider, and leave it on scalp for five minutes and rinse your hair. For best results, you can also use a great shampoo scalp massage brush that is going to stimulate scalp blood flow promoting hair growth, massage your scalp and let the shampoo penetrate better into your hair follicle. It doesn’t work overnight. But, one key element you are going to notice almost immediately is that you are going to be losing less hair. In a timeframe of three months, you are going to notice that your hair is thicker, fuller and just healthier. The final results are more likely to be visible within 12 to 18 months.

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